We are a business savvy development agency that goes beyond coding.

Developers, designers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiast working under one roof to create wonderful technology driven products.

Our Cacao path

We are a master-chef for your
technological ideas.


  • Break down your idea, study it and
    understand it
  • Mix it with our understanding of new
    technologies and innovations
  • Spice it with our knowledge of business
    strategy and user behaviour
  • Bake it in our code kitchen
  • Serve you a market fit product you
    and your users will love

7 areas where magic happens

  • eCommerce
  • Product Configurators
  • Tournaments Management Platforms
  • marketplaces
  • Email Marketing Systems
  • Lead Nurturing Systems
  • Custom solutions

There are areas where our solutions already serve millions of users globally.

Code of conduct
or what can you expect from us

  • focus

    We only work on couple of projects at a time. That’s how we ensure that you have our full attention and everything needed to bring your idea to life. You know - quality over quantity. 

  • select

    We are picky when it comes to partners we work with. We won’t take on a project if we don’t think we are a good match. If we say yes, we truly believe we can create something special. But if we don’t, we’ll make sure to recommend a great alternative. 

  • challenge

    We enjoy challenges and complex projects that push us out of our comfort zone. The bigger the challenge the greater the motivation. If you think something is impossible we’ll do our best to prove you wrong. 

  • engage

    We know what it means to run, grow and monetize a business. We’ve all been through various business and launch phases ourselves. Tell us your goals and we’ll keep them in mind at all times and ensure your product wows your target audience.

  • learn

    We always strive to learn and improve. We want to stay ahead of the game and our clients benefit from that. We’ll let you know about the latest trends and solutions that could help your business.

Now that you know us a bit, drop us a line and get in touch.